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    With dwindling budgets and higher expectations for programs and services, schools and other nonprofits are looking toward grants to acquire money and resources to support their activities. This free video, Ten Actions to Skyrocket Your Grant Writing Success, outlines 10 critical tips you must know to write award-winning grant proposals that bring additional money and resources into your school or organization.

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  • "Facing a predicted budget shortfall of $281,000 in a school district with declining property values and increasing poverty, I stumbled upon an article written about a school that received a large technology grant. I wanted more for the kids in my district, but there was no new money coming in so I reached out to Toni Rockis, whose grant writing work was featured in the article. We partnered together to write a technology grant that placed a netbook in the hands of every middle school student in our district. Toni and her team met with my colleagues and me and together we wrote and re-wrote what eventually materialized into a $640,000 award for the District. Toni’s team began the journey that has led us to over $2M in grant awards."

    Jeanne Davis, Superintendent

    Creve Coeur School District 76

    Creve Coeur, Illinois

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    With dwindling budgets and increased expectations to do more with less, you’re forced to look for creative ways to bring new money and resources into your organization. We’ll help you do that!

    This intensive, one-day seminar is designed to expand your knowledge of how to obtain money from a very valuable source many administrators don’t know much about – foundations! It’s filled with “how-to” instructions and invaluable samples that will help you master the process of applying for money from foundations.

    Whether you’re new to grant writing or just want to improve your skills, this seminar is for you! You’ll get “must-have” information to help you prepare award-winning foundation proposals and go out and get the grant money that your school deserves.

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